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High level of experience in art, Bucheon Art Valley
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Background Information

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  As a representative culture and art city, roles and necessity for culture and art education for citizens including students has become a prominent issue in Bucheon City for the emotional aspect and the vitalization of public education.
  In particular, culture and art education in public schools requires mutual cooperation between the school education system and local culture and arts. For this, Bucheon City and the Bucheon Office of Education Support established an MOU and jointly promoted the Bucheon Art Valley Project.   
  Business Details: The Bucheon Art Valley Project is culture and art education in which professional artists belonging to Bucheon City-affiliated art companies are dispatched to public schools as art teachers. As a result, students can be given sophisticated art education.
  Reason for Promotion
  For creative and humanistic education, art education is one of the core elements and important means, but art education is scarcely provided. Therefore, the project is being promoted to provide an educational opportunity of elite arts to students by utilizing abundant art infrastructures that only exist in Bucheon City.
  Related Organization: Approximately 50 art companies including Bucheon City Arts Group and Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, Bucheon Office of Education

Goals of the Initiative

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  In order to reinforce educational competitiveness, resolve the educational gap, and to realize one student with one artistic talent vision, the Bucheon Art Valley Project has gradually been promoted.  
  Operation of the project in all Elementary Schools located in the district in 2011
  Operation of the project in all Elementary and Middle Schools located in the district in 2012
  Operation of the project in all Elementary, Middle, and High Schools located in the district and a test operation of the project for adult citizens in 2013
  Extended operation for citizens and operation of extended programs in the future
  Inspiration of students’ team work and confidence by implementing a presentation once a year

Parties and Partners to the Initiative and Resources Used for Implementation

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  Bucheon City Hall : Establishment of Basic Plan for Bucheon Art Valley Project and Financial Support
  Bucheon Office of Education: Program Review for Each School and Management of Art Education
  Operating School: Operation of Program and Budget Execution
  Art Company: Dispatching Local Artists to Schools as Art Teachers
  Culture Foundation: Implementation of Education (Training) for Lecturers and Teachers
  Budget Support for program operation by receiving and screening applications submitted by 126 schools in the school district: 1.8 million won in 2014
  Art companies including Bucheon Civic Chorale, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency, Bucheon Music Association, and other art organizations dispatch talented artists to public schools, and the art education is promoted by the artists’ talent donation.
  Numerous artists in a variety of areas including the wind instrumental music, choir, Manhwa (cartoon), and musical band work for students in public schools (82 artists in 2011, 164 in 2012, 235 in 2013, and 244 in 2014).

Innovation for the Initiative

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  To cultivate creativity and upright personalities, art education is unquestionably required. In particular, culture and art education in public school requires mutual cooperation between the school education system and local culture and arts. For this, Bucheon City and the Bucheon Office of Education established an MOU. This was possible by collaboration between cultures and arts and educational policies of Bucheon. In respect to the art education being developed based on the achievement, it can be said that the Bucheon Art Valley Project is evolutionary Through art education, the Bucheon Art Valley Project realizes one student with one artistic talent vision and provides a better opportunity to develop and cultivate students’ upright personalities. Moreover, the students who received the benefits from art education advance to a variety of artistic areas in Bucheon City, so that they can develop as professional artists in society.
  By providing spaces for arts in the community such as local galleries for exhibiting art works or walls for mural paintings, the local artistic capability can be reinforced, and culture and the arts can be popularized in the community.
  The Bucheon Art Valley Project was considerably motivated by El Sistema, which is voluntary sector music education under the name of “Social Action Through Music” established by economist and musician Jose Antonio Abreu in 1975. The social action transformed from Venezuela with poverty and violence to the center of culture recognized by the world.

Obstacles and Solutions to the Innovation

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  One of the most important aspects for promoting the Bucheon Art Valley Project was the determination of acceptance by each public school. Depending on school officials’ determination, operation of the project faced difficulties, and from the viewpoint of teachers, their tasks were aggravated, so they might feel the burden to practice art education.
  Due to the differences in awareness between schools and local government, communication, persuasion, and understanding processes were required. Thus, a communicative community in cyber space was established to promote communication between school officials including teachers and civil servants, and workshops to cultivate and increase artistic capabilities were provided twice a year targeting art teachers and lecturers.

Outcomes and Assessments

  The Bucheon Art Valley Project has contributed to the increase in quality for culture and art in public schools and the reduction of private educational expenses. In addition, it has helped cultivation of creativeness and personality as well as resolution of youth problems such as school violence and bullying by providing a variety of experience education with culture and arts.
  What is more, by providing an educational opportunity to develop artistic talents, the project established a foundation for students to present their artistic abilities and develop as professional artists.
  According to the results of the survey, conducted once a year targeting students, parents, teachers, and lecturers, the satisfaction rate (95.5% in 2011, 96.1% in 2012, and 97.7% in 2013) was high. Thus, the Bucheon Art Valley Project successfully met its initial purposes.
  Since 2011, after the Bucheon Art Valley Project started, a survey for the operational satisfaction has been conducted once a year.
    • Target: students, parents, teachers, and lecturers
    • Number of Surveys: once a year
    • Satisfaction Rate: 95.5 percent in 2011, 96.1 percent in 2012, and 97.7 percent in 2013
  As a result of the survey, students, parents, and teachers indicated their high satisfaction and positive opinions and feedback
  Bucheon City, which is being developed as one of the representative cultural icons of Korean culture with Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra, PiFan (Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival), and BICOF(Bucheon International Comics Festival), promotes the Bucheon Art Valley Project to realize the popularization of elite arts, increase of enjoyment and interest in arts, and paradigm shift for customer-oriented arts. As a result, Bucheon has a great opportunity to advance to a cultural special city of Korea.   
  In addition, the central government and local governments benchmark the Bucheon Art Valley Project, so that it is expected to become a role model for culture and art education.

Methods Applied

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  By dispatching professional artists, whom students cannot otherwise easily come into contact with, to public schools as art teachers, an opportunity for highly qualified art education is given.
  By implementing art-appreciation class beginning in 2014, an opportunity for experiencing sophisticated cultural and artistic performances is given to students, and motivation for art education is encouraged.
  For the effective operation of the Bucheon Art Valley Project, workshops are implemented twice a year targeting art teachers and lecturers, so the effectiveness of art education in school is enhanced and a discussion place between teachers and artists is provided.

Benefit to Other Cities

  Improvement of Quality for Culture and Art Education for Public Schools
  - Professional education by utilizing abundant local culture and art infrastructures
  - Reduction of private educational expenses by providing sophisticated culture and art education
  Talent Development in Art Area
  - Providing talent development in the art area and equal educational opportunity for every single student
  - Promoting one student with one artistic talent
  Contribution to Creative and Humanistic Education
  - Cultivation of creativity and personality by promoting a variety of culture and art education
  - Contribution to resolving youth problems including school violence, bullying, etc.
  Vitalization of Public Education
  - Vitalization of program operation with participants’ high satisfaction
  - Possibility of a variety of art education in public schools
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