weRamallah: Smart City Initiative

Ramallah city, Palestine, State of, 2018

A Case of Physical Planning and Re-Parcelation of Lands in Ramallah City-State of Palestine

Ramallah, Palestine, State of, 2018

Hebron's Old City Revitalization project

Hebron, Palestine, State of, 2018

Beit Sahour Old Town : A corner of Culture

Beit Sahour, Palestine, State of, 2018

Medellin Digital

Medellín, Colombia, 2012

Caracas en un click. Porque la Alcaldía Metropolitana pone a Caracas a un Click de Distancia.

Caracas, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), 2012

Plan Estratégico Caracas Metropolitana 2020 (PECM2020) - Caracas Metropolitan Strategic Plan 2020

Área Metropolitana de Caracas, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), 2012

Innovation and Social Cohesion: methodological training and visibility of good practices (IN)

Montevideo, Uruguay, 2012

Implementation of a monitoring and citizen control over public administration in the cities of Joya

Joya de los Sachas and Tena, Ecuador, 2012

The Chocolatão Project: the creation of a large people network to implement a resettlement project t

Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2012

“Linking environmental preservation to urban development: The Green Areas of Curitiba”

Curitiba, Brazil, 2012

Ordering of the elements that compose the urban landscape– Clean City Project

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2012

Methodology to Monitor the Urban Occupation, Vegetation and Demographic Dynamics, in the Influence A

São Paulo Metropolitan Region, Brazil, 2012

System of Citizen and Popular Participation

Canoas, Brazil, 2012

“PPP - Jardins Mangueiral”

Brasília, Brazil, 2012

New Registration System Housing

Brasilia, Brazil, 2012

“É pra valer. É pra toda a vida” – “It's for real. It's for life”

Brasília, Brazil, 2012

BH DIGITAL - reducing the digital gap in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2012

Public Private Partnership on Urban Solid Waste Management – Sustainability in transhipment, treatme

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2012

Agência de Comunicação Solidária (ACS) – Solidarity-based Communication Office

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2012