Youth Lead the Challenge: Youth Participatory Budgeting
Country/Region:USA City:Boston Year Submitted:2016
Boston continues to cement itself as a leader in youth civic engagement with it's third round of Youth Lead the Change. What started as a participatory budgeting process that engaged young people has evolved into a multifaceted strategic planning inititative that puts young people at the center of community engagement, participatory budgeting, participatory policy making, cross sector collaboration, and an evolution of collaborative citywide strategic planning. Boston has refined it's outreach strategies, elevated the role of young people by aligning its youth civic engagement work with its $4.5M youth employment program, and has made strides in harnessing technology to find new audiences for traditional civic processes.
Climate Resilient Neighborhood
Country/Region:Denmark City:Copenhagen Year Submitted:2016
Copenhagen Climate-Resilient Neighbourhood is an initative which presents an innovative model for climate adaptation that can inspire cities worldwide. Here the City of Copenhagen is working together with residents of the neighborhood to create cloudburst solutions, which also contributes to urban quality of everyday life . The initative aim to rethink and optimize urban space, so it is possible to manage the rainwater in green solutions on the surface. The vision for the Climate-Resilient Neighborhood is followed by an effort targeted to engage residents of the neighborhood to take action on their own. Among private residents’ initatives are green roofs , rain gardens and street trees. All these small projects including the large municipal climate adaptation projects, form the Climate Resilient Neighbourhood. The project is a cooperative venture between the central City Planning Office, the Integrated Urban Renewal office in the Climate Resilient Neighbourhood. and HOFOR (Copenhagen’s utility service)
The La Paz Zebras: Citizen culture project
Country/Region:Bolivia City:La Paz Year Submitted:2016
La Paz Zebras is a very successful project aiming to actively involve highly vulnerable youth in a citizen education program by which they become urban educators disguised and role-acting as zebras, an obvious but creative reference to pedestrian crossings on streets. Their aim is to change the undesirable behavior seen every day in pedestrians and car drivers (e.g. not respecting crossings, ignoring traffic lights or getting on and off public transport anywhere). Starting with 24 participants, the project currently welcomes 300 zebras per year. So far more than 3000 young citizens have been part of the project. Thanks to it, they have managed to overcome a number of challenges related to drugs, delinquency and other illegal activities. Due to its success, nowadays the project is a trademark of the City La Paz, and has been replicated in many other cities of Bolivia and Latin-America.
Integrated Community Based Solid Waste Management project
Country/Region:Egypt City:Qalyubeya Year Submitted:2016
For the first time in Egypt, an Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy has been elaborated, approved by the Government (Qalyubeya Governorate) and applied for implementing concrete measures. As Khosoos city is one of the centers for recycling of valuable material from waste by informal workers (Zabaleen), they play a core role in this strategy. Several initiatives took place: Zabaleen, created companies and collect waste on behalf of the District; Informal workers recollect with motorized tricycles in the narrow streets and bring it to a newly constructed transfer station; Zabaleen work on an Integrated Recycling Resource Center (IRRC), separating recyclables and Refused Driven Fuel (RDF) used by the cement industry. An additional initiative is doing the same but manually and got a contract with fixed prices from the industry. Complementary awareness campaigns have been implemented and access to health care significantly increased.
Songpa Solar Nanum (Sharing) Power Plant
Country/Region:South Korea City:Songpa-gu Year Submitted:2016
The Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant project is the 21st innovative administration model integrating welfare and environmental policies. This is Songpa’s first presentation of the Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant project to the world community. The Songpa Solar Nanum Power Plant is a public power plant generating energy from sunlight. Songpa donates 100% of profits from the sales of electricity to people that lack access to energy as well as to underdeveloped countries. It is being assessed as a new business and technology model integrating both environmental and welfare aspects. The plant reduces greenhouse gas emissions by solar power generation technologies. Further, the profits are dedicated to welfare work.
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